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Our bronze subscription is totaly free, so create your own App now!

Build your own app

Suitable for any company, association or organization! You can upload your data and your own style in our secure Internet portal. Configure the dashboard functionality and add the elements you want to have in your app by including products, news or calendar items. Populate the content and distribute your App using the Google Play store or Apple app store to your customers or employees. On this website you will find all the information you need about this great product.

Simple and cheap your own Android or iOS App in 3 steps!


Using the Mobile Content System it becomes very easy to create and manage your App. The Mobile Content System is adaptable for almost any conceivable mobile solution. In addition there are several other modules offered that are easily integrated into your App.

2 – Distribute:

When you have finished building your app using our portal, we will make your App ready for installation. The App is a file that can be downloaded from our website using a link or a QR code. Additionally we can upload your App in the Google Play store or Apple app store.

1 – Build:

Log into our portal and register your details. Determine which colors and logos are displayed in your App. Add the items you want to display and your app is ready!

3 – Manage:

Through the Mobile Content System it is possible to adjust the colors and settings for your App at any time. Create, remove or change items. The changes you make will be visible in your App immediately, so your customers are always informed!


    • Distribute your App without additional costs as often as you want
    • Your Android App is generated and available within 1 minute and can be installed on your device immediately!
    • Change your App’s content online using the Mobile Content System
    • Safe! Industry standard SSL encryption is used and no direct link to your corporate information systems is needed!
    • Suitable for Android and iOS Devices
    • Connect your App directly to your public Facebook pictures
    • Customers can order your products based on an email solution
    • Users can easily add your events in their personal calendars
    • Easy distribution of your news and announcements to your customers
    • Comprehensive information dashboard that aggregates your contact information and social media sites



Frequently Asked Questions

  • For which platforms is the App available?

    The App is initially developed for Android (2.x or higher devices) and iPhone (iOS)! BlackBerry and Windows Apps are also possible, contact us for more info.
  • What is the Update Service?

    The update service guarantees that you are eligible to use the latest version of the App. At least twice a year we will recompile and update your app in the Google Play store and/or Apple app store to ensure your customers always have the latest version and latest features.
  • What is the Total Social Media Package?

    The Total Social Media package is a complete package that is best described by the words contemporary, interactive, social and mobile. The package is a complete replacement for the traditional website approach and makes use of a Facebook page, Twitter account and a mobile app. This combination creates an interactive concept in which your customers can stay informed about your products and services using a mobile app. The interactivity is emphasised by making use of the social media components which allow your customers to recommend your products and services to their friends and family. The recommendation from a friend comes across much more reliable than an advertisement on a website. The Total Social Media package is a turn key solution. Your only action is to send in your company logo and we will take care of everything else! By making use of cloud based services we can keep the costs low, making this package more cost effective than having a new website built for you. The maintenance of content is extremely easy and does not require knowledge of traditional complicated content management systems. It goes without saying that all of the components mentioned above integrate seamlessly with each other. In short, the ultimate solution for the busy entrepreneur who wants to conduct business rather than learning how to become a part time IT professional.
  • What is the Dynamic Dashboard?

    The Dynamic Dashboard refers to the main page of your app which can be managed on our web portal. This dashboard contains icons that link to your contact information and to your social media websites. By default this is preconfigured for you but you are free to customise this any way you like. Your changes will be visible immediately in your App.
  • What is the Mobile Content System?

    The Mobile Content System is a system for managing the content of your App through our web portal. Using the portal you can decide what information your users can see, which events or agenda items they can use, which internet files they can access and even what products they can order from your App. From this system you can add, modify or delete items as well as configure the item sort order. Changes made in the Mobile Content System are immediately visible in your customers App, without the need to re-install the App! Read the manual for more information.
  • How do I connect my App to my Facebook Pictures?

    On the Web portal fill in your Facebook ID. This can be found in the URL of your Facebook page. The manual exactly describes how you can find your Facebook ID. Using this ID your App opens the corresponding photo gallery, effectively preventing you from maintaining photos in multiple locations.

Becoming a reseller

Would you like to sell innovative Mobile Apps to your customers, but lack the knowledge, expertise or financial means to develop Mobile Apps yourself? Become one of our resellers. As a reseller you have the ability to sell our Apps under your own brand. This allows you to provide an exciting new service to your customers without needing to worry about initial investments and technical complexities normally associated with the development of mobile Apps. CustomCompanyApp is responsible for the development of the App and enables you to resell this under your own brand in your own portfolio.

Increase revenue

You procure the Apps from CustomCompanyApp. As an additional service to your customers you can offer various value added services such as designing the graphical layout for your customers or performing the content maintenance of the App. For these value added services you can charge your clients a premium of choice. This allows you to easily extend your product portfolio by including mobile Android and/or iPhone Apps under your own brand name.

Starting as a reseller of CustomCompanyApp

You can become a reseller today and start selling the mobile App we have developed. Within our portal you can create and manage multiple Apps. Your Apps are available instantly using our automatic App generator. We are continuously improving our product as well as the process and the automation we offer to our resellers. We therefore welcome you to be one of our resellers. We will adjust our services to the needs of your organization, in order to accomplish a successful cooperation. There are no fixed costs for becoming a reseller, you only pay for the Apps you create! Are you curious about your possibilities as a reseller? Please contact us by email at

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CustomCompanyApp is a registered tradename of Muza Holding B.V.

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